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  • Precomputed Radiance Transfer — (PRT) is a computer graphics technique used to render a scene in real time with complex light interactions being precomputed to save time. Radiosity methods can be used to determine the diffuse lighting of the scene, however PRT offers a method… …   Wikipedia

  • Precomputed Radiance Transfer — (PRT) ist eine Technik in der Computergrafik, die eingesetzt wird, um eine Szene mit komplexen Lichtinteraktionen in Echtzeit rendern zu können. Dabei stützt sie sich auf Beleuchtungsinformationen, die einmalig berechnet und zur Laufzeit… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Hp — • precomputed altitude …   Maritime acronyms and abbreviations

  • Rule of 78s — Also known as the sum of the digits method, the Rule of 78s is a term used in lending that refers to a method of yearly interest calculation. The name comes from the total number of months interest that is being calculated in a year (the first… …   Wikipedia

  • Intercept method — The Intercept Method , or Marcq St Hilaire method , as it is also rather inaccurately known, is an astronomical navigation method of calculating an observer s position on earth. It was originally called the azimuth intercept method because the… …   Wikipedia

  • Ziggurat algorithm — The ziggurat algorithm is an algorithm to generate random numbers from a non uniform distribution. It belongs to the class of rejection sampling algorithms and can be used for choosing values from a monotone decreasing probability distribution.… …   Wikipedia

  • Salt (cryptography) — In cryptography, a salt consists of random bits, creating one of the inputs to a one way function. The other input is usually a password or passphrase. The output of the one way function can be stored rather than the password, and still be used… …   Wikipedia

  • D3DX — In computing, D3DX (Direct3D Extension) is a high level API library which is written to supplement Microsoft s Direct3D graphics API. The D3DX library was introduced in Direct3D 7, and subsequently was improved in Direct3D 9. It provides classes… …   Wikipedia

  • Self-consistent mean field (biology) — The self consistent mean field (SCMF) method is an adaptation of mean field theory used in protein structure prediction to determine the optimal amino acid side chain packing given a fixed protein backboneref|Koehl. It is faster but less accurate …   Wikipedia

  • Rendering (computer graphics) — Not to be confused with 3D rendering. A variety of rendering techniques applied to a single 3D scene …   Wikipedia

  • Lookup table — In computer science, a lookup table is a data structure, usually an array or associative array, often used to replace a runtime computation with a simpler array indexing operation. The savings in terms of processing time can be significant, since …   Wikipedia

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